SOME PLACE ELSE: Exclusive preview

Waking is to be the opening track from Retnuh Recordings' upcoming album (release date TBA) Some Place Else. A somewhat rousing, texture-laden ambient piece, Waking is notable for its undercurrent of positivity, despite the dark overtones. Waking signals the beginning of this study of sleep and dreaming, a sort of outside-perspective on the most ancient of mysterious phenomena. Please enjoy this exclusive preview - more info to come regarding the release date of Some Place Else, so stay tuned!

BIG NEWS: New album in the works. Read on...

This is big. New album, "Some Place Else", is due to hit before the month of February is over. Get excited. Tell your friends and neighbours. More news to come. For now, though, enjoy the album cover:

Dreamsung: headphones, please

Dreamsung is the opening track from Retnuh's 2010 album, Dark Matter. Written in early 2010, This is a relatively subtle, yet texture-rich piece which sounds best on a good pair of headphones.
Hoping you enjoy this relic. Find Dreamsung on the usual platforms:


But a Moment's Peace is another new piece, which as yet remains a homeless orphan. Perhaps one day it will end up on an album or soundtrack, but in the meantime, it is presented here for your aural pleasure. Hope you like it. Feel free, as ever, to leave a comment with your thoughts, I love to hear from you!

IN THE LIGHT: New song now available

In the Light is a new piece which will slightly disorient, yet offer some glimpse of familiarity in the tender disconcerting of the sparse piano work. Check out this latest offering from Retnuh Recordings, available to stream and DOWNLOAD FOR FREE. Please listen, download, follow, share, leave a comment, like, love, etc. - always appreciate it! Find In the Light on the usual platforms:

Soundtrack work on "Sierra Reinventor II"

The Coldest of Winters is one of a number of discarded ambient pieces I developed for an upcoming computer game, "Sierra Reinventor II". The game, headed up by a friend of mine, has been in the works since 2008, with sights on a 2013 release (fingers crossed).

Feel free leave a comment with your thoughts, I always sincerely appreciate feedback and suggestions from people!


Please check out the brand new website for all my soundtrack projects. It can be found if you click here. From this website, you will have access to links to stream and download FOR FREE every soundtrack I have released. This is also the location where I will release news about upcoming soundtracks.

As always, I appreciate feedback, whether constructive or otherwise, so drop by, check the site out, and consider leaving a comment. Cheers!